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We repair

Secutity : Security Audit, Software Compliance

We can help you with configuring applications on your laptop and with their usage. Some of the most common applications are Windows OS, Microsoft Office, core home applications, installation errors, burning software, etc.

Data Recovery: Laptop ,Desktop and Server HDD

We specialize in recovering data from hard disk drives and servers. We do advise our clients before starting a job to avoid unnecessary charges if there is no prospect of data retrieval. We ensure the recovery process is smooth, fast, reliable and that our client obtains the best results based on their situation.

Remote Support

We help you repair your laptop or desktop remotely, remove viruses, upgrade/repair operating systems, windows updates, software and hardware installation, device drivers update, networking setup, fix printer problems and more.

Laptop Upgradation: Memory,SSD ,OS etc

We service laptops and hardware with a personal, knowledgeable and prompt manner. We repair all makes and models of laptops. System optimizations and laptop cleaning services available

Desktop : repairs

We offer the latest computer and desktop repair services with a limited time warranty. We are specialized in providing quality service for all major brands & models of desktops & tablets.We have been working on both Windows & Mac devices and also provide services like data backup and data recovery.

Server Installation And Repair / Support Services

Ira Systems Technologies will repair your server fast and get your business back on its feet. We have certified technicians that will diagnose and repair your Server using the latest troubleshooting tools. Whether you need permanent support services or scheduled maintenance, we can create a customized service plan for you.

Why choose us

Quality guarantee

We know how important computers are to your everyday life, which is why we offer a 24 hour repair service. So, what makes IRA Systems the best? Our knowledge! Computer technology is constantly changing; therefore, we ensure that our technicians remain knowledgeable about the various types of products available. Our staff is dedicated to assisting you in making the most educated decision regarding your computer needs and repairs.

Corporate services

  • Ira Systems Technologies can give you the best customer experience while repairing your laptop. Fast and efficient service , knowledgeable staff, genuine replacement parts and fast turnaround time, that’s our promise from start to finish.

Customer service

Based on approval from customer, our engineers perform repair work on the microscopic level which is followed by Quality Check by Chief Engineers.

Privacy policy

Our Privacy Policy has been designed with your interests in mind. Your personal details are kept private, we hold no backdoor keys to your gadgets, and we will not pass on information to third parties.

Certified experts

We provide you with tech support from the best remote computer service. Our company is here to help you get your computer back to working condition with our array of online computer repair services, online computer tech support and online software support. We have been providing remote computer support in Pune for over 8 years and have been able to find solutions to most every problem out there including if your computer won’t boot up or is running slow. Our technicians can diagnose any hardware or software issues remotely using sophisticated Remote Desktop Software.

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