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IRA Systems is a brand for our laptop and desktop rental services. Get a laptop for rent from IRA Systems. Give us a call now!


We offer you the best computer rentals on the latest laptops, desktops and servers. We are one of the leading laptop rental companies in Pune that offers high-performance laptops at affordable prices. Our clients include government agencies, schools and colleges, event management companies, and corporate clients. We provide laptops for various events like exhibitions, conferences, product launches, and other corporate events.


All our laptops are available with different configurations that you can customize as per your necessity. We have different brands of laptops ranging from HP to DELL to Lenovo with different operating systems like Windows 10 and Mac OS. Laptop rentals are ideal when you have a short term project or event because they are available at affordable prices and save the expenses that come with ownership like maintenance costs.


Our laptop rental services excel in providing top-notch quality products and excellent service. Our extensive inventory of laptops includes all the latest models that meet your requirements perfectly. All our laptops are available with different specifications as well as configurations which enable you to choose as per your requirement. You can get a laptop for rent from us at a very reasonable price – whether it is for one day or longer duration. Contact us now for a better price for your laptop on rent. 

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Process breakdown

  • You contact us with your requirement and budget
  • We offer you best laptops/desktop according to your budget and requirements
  • We deliver you your specified device at your doorstep and take your documents for safety
  • Once you are finished with your work, you can ask us for a specified time for pickup

IRA system is the best laptop repair service in Pune. They have a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I would recommend IRA to anyone needing their laptop to be repaired in Pune